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Together with our sister company Bücker+Essing, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of marine and rail engine reconditioning services. The Lingen site’s mechanical production and component processing capabilities make it ideal for the salvage of components for ships and rail vehicles. 

Bücker + Essing’s ability to manufacture and recondition components is a great advantage when it comes to reconditioning marine and railway engines.

Frank Curia, Managing Director MWB Power GmbH

Mechanical processing 

When a new part isn’t economically viable, we recondition components so they are again fit for their purpose and you can get the most out of them. We turn, mill, drill and grind components up to a length of 9,000 mm. We also have the highly efficient CNC machining centre from Bücker + Essing at our disposal for machining large components.

  • Engine blocks
  • Crankshafts
  • Cylinder liner supports
  • Bearing races
  • Cylinder heads

Mechanical production

If components are no longer available on the market, we manufacture new parts. We reconstruct according to samples, drawings or 3D-scans and can optimise the durability and function of the components at the same time.

Surface techniques

With the help of a variety of surface techniques, we enhance metals and protect them permanently against wear and corrosion. Special repair processes, such as cold gas coating, are an excellent way to salvage old, damaged components. A powdered coating material is applied in this process, and it bonds with the substrate surface to form a new, ultra-resistant metallic layer. In a second step, the excess material is removed and the surface is finished exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications. The result: a component that’s been restored to its original form and condition.

Mobile repairs

Thanks to our decades of experience from service assignments, we’ve developed a wide range of mobile repair methods that allow us to repair many types of engine faults on site.

Our mobile repairs –
What you stand to gain:

  • Time saving

    We minimise downtimes, as there’s no need to remove and transport the engine.

  • Cost efficiency

    You save the costs of expensive special transport and crane work.

  • At any location

    We can even reach plant components that are particularly difficult to access – anywhere in the world.

  • Highest quality

    Our specialists guarantee first-class repairs.

Mobile honing

We hone liners and cylinders with our mobile honing machine directly on board and reassemble them straight away. There’s no need for time-consuming transport to the factory, so you save time and money.

Mobile facing

We machine engines on site with our mobile facing/milling machine. We plane and mill the sealing surfaces and the inlets with the same precision as in the factory; the engine doesn’t need to be removed.


Mobile cylinder liner fitting repair

If cavitation or rust causes cylinder liner leaks, we can repair the damage with repair rings. This can give a second life to many long-serving engine blocks. The cylinder liner inlets are first machined and planed and then sealed with custom-fit repair rings, known as tombac rings. We offer this repair process for large engines at our factory. If an engine is too large or removal is too time-consuming, we use our mobile repair tool: This can be deployed to level liner seats without having to remove the engine.

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