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There are several reasons why railway operators are particularly well served by MWB Power’s customised repair and reconditioning concepts for railway engines, components and power packs.

From repairs in accordance with current value to partial or complete reconditioning according to manufacturer specifications, we work with you to develop a solution that gets your locomotives and railcars back on the rails quickly and efficiently. In many cases, our component reconditioning processes enable reliable repairs even when components appear at first glance to be irreparable. 

Advice that’s focused on the future

Local passenger transport, freight railcars or museum railway: With our expertise, we’ll find a practical and innovative solution for your diesel engine.  We develop reconditioning concepts for railway operators as well as customised repair solutions for classic units. Our focus is always on: Our customers and their individual requirements. 

Factory reconditioning

Our infrastructure in Bremerhaven, with its heavy-duty cranes, more than adequate space and appropriate operating equipment, is optimally equipped for repairing and reconditioning large engines.
What’s more, you benefit from the reconditioning capabilities of our sister company, Bücker + Essing in Lingen, which includes a wide range of mechanical processing capabilities.

Test bench run

Before delivery, we can test run diesel engines and power packs at all torques and power curves. Every parameter is optimized at the factory, making the drive units ready for immediate use.

The engines undergo a function and leak test and the oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, oil and cooling water temperatures are checked. After the running-in period and commissioning, your railway engine is again ready for use. This is a huge advantage for critical railway infrastructure!

On-site service 24/7

In the event of a breakdown, our service technicians are on hand to assist you with repairs on site - in an emergency around the clock. If necessary, they can also remove and re-install your engine.

This is where our extensive range of mobile repair solutions comes into play. We can repair on site a wide range of faults quickly and efficiently.

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Component salvage

Our credo is ‘preserving value’. Our mechanical machining options for components are diverse. They ensure reliable and safe continued operation.

Surface techniques such as cold gas coating are particularly suitable for salvaging components and refining metals. They also provide lasting protection against wear and corrosion.

Spare parts service

Reliable service depends on the availability of spare parts. We have access to spare parts and components from all major railway engine manufacturers. This minimises the downtime of your engine.

from the engine to the peripherals

When it comes to maintenance, repair and reconditioning of the complete drive unit in rail transport, you can rely on us.

Railway engines

From repair to partial or complete reconditioning: We repair railway engines from all leading manufacturers according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our work starts with a precise damage analysis. 
Caterpillar Cummins KVD KHD MTU Deutz MWM Maybach Mercedes

Railway gearboxes

We repair all leading gearbox types, eliminate wear and tear and restore functionality.

Engine components

We recondition engine components such as cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods, turbochargers and injection pumps, as well as charge air coolers, cylinder liners, engine frames and fuel pumps


We repair hydraulic couplings and replace flexible couplings. 

Bearings and bearing races

We overhaul bearings, measure and spindle bearing races.

Power Pack Service

Our sister company, Bücker + Essing, operates its own Power Pack reconditioning line for railcars at the Lingen site. The complete drive units on base frames are dismantled, cleaned, inspected, overhauled and subjected to a test bench run at fixed maintenance intervals.

Insight into our railway engine repairs

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