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Strong team, great reconditioning: MWB Power and Bücker + Essing at Shipping 2023 in Kalkar

It’s a perfect match, as the two companies are combining their reconditioning services for the shipping industry into a comprehensive portfolio for engines up to 22 MW, pumps, compressors, couplings, gearboxes, bearings and much more.

MWB Power, with its staff of 30, is renowned for its excellent service and innovative solutions for marine and locomotive engines thanks to its seamless integration of mobile field service and stationary reconditioning. The existing infrastructure in Bremerhaven with its own pier, large workshops and crane capacities directly at the Kaiserhafen harbour, is designed for reconditioning high-speed and medium-speed large engines.

‘We specialise in servicing and reconditioning large engines. We basically start where Bücker + Essing finishes in terms of engine size,’ explains Jörn Holst, Managing Director of MWB Power. Ralf Wöllert, Managing Director of Bücker + Essing adds: 

Our mechanical manufacturing and component processing capabilities complement the portfolio perfectly.

Ralf Wöllert, Managing Director of Bücker & Essing GmbH

The process of cold gas coating and mobile machining is a particularly attractive option for customers in the shipping industry when it comes to salvaging components. With more than 150 employees, Bücker + Essing repairs gas and diesel engines at its Lingen site.

Together, the two companies provide complete powertrain reconditioning (marine engines up to 22 MW, gearboxes, charge air coolers, fuel pumps, cylinder liners, bearings and bearing races, clutches, pumps, compressors and engine components such as cylinder heads, crankshafts, connecting rods and turbochargers).

Mobile services 

The team supports customers on board with a worldwide repair service and a 24/7 emergency service. A wide range of faults can be repaired on site using mobile repair solutions from the two companies, such as mobile honing and mobile cylinder liner fitting repairs. Bücker + Essing has recently developed a process for mobile milling/planing for marine engines: Flat and sealing surfaces and inlets can be milled and planed on site – without needing to remove the engine – just as precisely as in the factory. 

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