09. Jan

SERCOO Group strengthens engine division with takeover of MWB Power GmbH

MWB Power of Bremerhaven perfectly complements the operations of Bücker & Essing GmbH in the field of engines and rotating equipment and joins SERCOO as an independent company.

MWB Power, with its staff of 30, is renowned for its excellent service and innovative solutions for marine and locomotive engines thanks to its seamless integration of mobile field service and stationary reconditioning. The existing infrastructure in Bremerhaven with its own pier, large workshops and crane capacities directly at the Kaiserhafen harbour, is designed for reconditioning high-speed and medium-speed large engines. The site is also home to the Europe-wide LED service for industrial lighting concepts.

We’re delighted to have found a strategic partner in MWB Power GmbH that suits us, both in terms of the range of services and the corporate culture.

Markus Spitzer, CEO of the SERCOO Group.

Ralf Wöllert, Bücker + Essing’s Managing Director, who oversees the entire Motors and Rotating Equipment division at SERCOO, is also delighted with this decisive step in the further development of the division, which he believes will also secure Bücker + Essing’s growth at the Lingen site. ‘The larger joint service portfolio gives us the ability to optimise the way we serve customers in the marine, railway and harbour sectors. We started working together with MWB Power over a year ago – I couldn’t ask for a better way for us to grow together. Frank Curia, who has been part of our team for over two years, has taken over from Jörn Holst, who successfully managed the company for many years’, adds Wöllert.

We specialise in servicing and reconditioning large engines. We basically start where Bücker + Essing finishes when it comes to engine size – a perfect match.

Jörn Holst, Managing Director MWB Power GmbH

‘Bücker + Essing’s mechanical manufacturing capabilities for reconditioning components will enhance our range of services, making them more flexible and competitive’, adds Frank Curia, Managing Director of MWB Power GmbH. ‘We’re embedded in a strong group, which makes us an attractive employer for our employees’, Holst and Curia emphasise unanimously. ‘We want to develop the existing team even further by selectively recruiting well-trained specialists’.

The SERCOO Group offers a unique service portfolio in the four business areas of biogas, combined heat and power plants, engines and rotating equipment, and turbochargers. The Group employs almost 400 people and is aiming for a total operating performance of around EUR 96 million in 2023.

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